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This summer, your kids can have fun
without falling behind


Just take along a few books, and...

The Multiplication Adventure Card Deck


Key Features

improves fact retention

engages creative thinking

have fun learning math!

51 rhyming story cards

5 multiplication rule cards

5 multiplication strategies

Glass of Milk

Teacher's Testimonials


"My grade 5s love these cards. I've used them at classroom stations and had my kids read the cards to each other. The multiplication story deck is a great way to rehearse and process some of the more difficult foundational multiplication facts"

- Kelsey Fraser

Teacher, Keswick Ridge School


"They are so creative and well-thought-out!  They are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! I love them so much. I know they will be very useful."

- Nadia El-Khoury

Teacher, Royal Road Elementary

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