Multiplication Adventure Deck (Pack of 12 Decks)

The Multiplication Adventure Deck has 50 story cards + 5 Strategy Card + 1 Rule Card. These cards have been designed in collaboration with child psychologists.




  • Edits made from the feedback from our first round
  • All multiplication facts from 0-12
  • 5 multiplication rule cards 
  • Three helpful multiplication strategies
  • Rhyming hints to help remember answers
  • Entertaining, memorable (very) short stories for each fact
  • World-class illustrations
  • Child characters from many cultural backgrounds
  • Male and female child characters in heroic and leadership roles
  • Funny scenes, scary scenes, inspiring scenes
  • Perfect for storytime
  • Helpful for ADHD and other conditions where semantic memory is difficult to access.


Multiplication Adventure Deck (Pack of 12 Decks)

  • Contents:

    50 multiplication story cards

    5 multiplication rule cards

    1 multiplication strategy card (5 strategies)

    1 instruction card