Multiplication Adventure Deck

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Memorizing the times tables is easy for some children, but difficult for children who are more right-brained, who are on the ADHD spectrum, or who are easily bored. These cards provide custom memory devices for math facts starting at 2x2, along with “rule cards” for the 0x, 1x, 10x, and 11x tables, which can all be easily grasped by knowing the rule.


As a child, I found 6x7, 7x8, 6x8, and other facts in the middle of the tables difficult to remember. I was also far more engaged by stories than by dry math operations. When my daughter memorized 6x7 with a mnemonic (forty shoe) and a mental picture, I thought we should make that into a card deck, and that’s what you’re looking at.


All math facts that can't be easily explained with a simple rule have their own story and picture: a short verse with a rhyme that is designed to help children remember a particular fact. 

Use the cards as

1) A classroom workstation activity where your grades 4-6 read to each other,

2) A reading game to be played student-by-student.

3) or for parents, a story at bedtime

4) Finally, the cards can be used to create a story of short verses,



The Multiplication Adventure Deck has 50 story cards + 5 Strategy Card + 1 Rule Card. 


  • Edits made from the feedback from our first round
  • All multiplication facts from 0-12
  • 5 multiplication rule cards 
  • Three helpful multiplication strategies
  • Rhyming hints to help remember answers
  • Entertaining, memorable (very) short stories for each fact
  • World-class illustrations
  • Child characters from many cultural backgrounds
  • Male and female child characters in heroic and leadership roles
  • Funny scenes, scary scenes, inspiring scenes
  • Perfect for storytime
  • Helpful for ADHD and other conditions where semantic memory is difficult to access.


Multiplication Adventure Deck

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  • Contents:

    50 multiplication story cards

    5 multiplication rule cards

    1 multiplication strategy card (5 strategies)

    1 instruction card