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In 2020, everyone had to reconsider their path in one way or another. For me I had already been thinking of what kind of business idea I could put my passion behind. is the synthesis of many ideas. I spent a little time in 2020 tending to a vast garden and berry plantation in my back yard, and that's where I started thinking about what I would do as a business that had a product to sell.

I was not jobless, but not gainfully employed, and I wondered about the future. I have two children and a wife so I needed an idea. I came up with low-sugar preserve recipes, I came up with a wheelbarrow prototype (which was really just my own wheel-barrow, modified), and then while working with my daughter, I came up with a new concept:

My daughter was talking about remembering a particular math fact using the words "forty shoe" and seeing a particular image in her head. I think she even suggested "we could make one of these for each math fact" and I think I even said aloud "That's it." And Ella looked up at me and openly wondered what I was talking about, but she could tell she had sparked an idea that I was serious about. The Beginning

I needed ideas and I started writing. wasn't going to happen without a whole lot of writing. It occured to me that the cards should have a main character as a sort of "guide" and a loose narrative tying the cards together. Every single card that represented a math fact should show a rhyme such as "forty shoe", (which later became "warty shoes"), and each card should have a verse with a beautiful image showing the image.

The name

It takes time to come up with the right name. It's good to have a domain name, but it has to be a name that somehow represents what you do. Our team (my wife, my daughter, and I) spent an evening going through words. Anything that made sense or was easy to think of was already taken, alas. But with some creativity and some collaboration, we eventually discovered a great name!

I think it creates impression of literacy and numeracy coming together, and I also think it represents the idea of fun. When I found out there were .fun domains instead of .coms, I thought here was an opportunity to stand out. is a numeracy/literacy project to make math fun.

Since then it has been a crazy slog through the world of an online startup! But here we are, we have product, it's an amazing product, and who knows where it could go. I'm betting though on it becoming a classic! And we will not stop here, there are more products coming out. Once we get our feet, the sky is the limit!

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