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Introducing the Multiplication Adventure Card Deck!


For Early Elementary

The Multiplication adventure deck is meant to be shared and loved, like a storybook.  Our research-backed design helps children with math facts that they otherwise have trouble with. For early elementary school children, these cards are the perfect soft introduction to multiplication. Make a story out of the 2, 3, 4, or any of the times tables, and read it at bedtime. The deck also has some other strategies to memorize sequences of math facts.



This card deck was mainly designed to be an easy way for children with ADHD to memorize, and enjoy memorizing, the times tables. The business owner and designer of the Multiplication Adventure Deck, Ben McFarlane designed this in response to his own experience as a child with ADHD and to help his children. (Now he can finally remember 7x6 and 7x8 without having to think for 10 seconds).





The 0-12 times tables made fun!
Perfect for story time or any time!

The perfect resource for early elementary students who have trouble remembering their math facts - And you can start as early as 3 yrs old!

  • 57 cards to help teach multiplication

  • Perfect for storytime

  • All multiplication facts from 0-12

  • Research-backed design

  • Rhyming hints to help remember answers

  • Entertaining, memorable (very) short stories for each fact

  • Male and female child characters in heroic and leadership roles

  • Rhyming stories & illustrations for 51 multiplication facts

  • Great for storytime

  • Great for young children

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Teacher Testimonials


"My grade 5s love these cards. I've used them at classroom stations and had my kids read the cards to each other. The multiplication story deck is a great way to rehearse and process some of the more difficult foundational multiplication facts"

- Kelsey Fraser

Teacher, Keswick Ridge School


"They are so creative and well-thought-out!  They are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! I love them so much. I know they will be very useful."

- Nadia El-Khoury

Teacher, Royal Road Elementary

How Does the Multiplication Adventure Deck Work?

Dr. Ross Leadbetter has been an educator for three decades and teaches university classes about knowledge development. 

He has direct experience and a theoretical knowledge of how and why stories and illustrations help math education. Here he explains how the multiplication adventure deck works and how it helps children memorize multiplication facts.