Introducing the Multiplication Story Deck!



Introducing the Multiplication Adventure Card Deck!

Fun learning lasts longer
Our Multiplication Adventure Card Deck has been meticulously designed to help children remember their times tables easily and enjoyably. These aren't ordinary flashcards, our research-backed design helps children with math facts that they otherwise have trouble with. Designed for all kids, visual learners, for children on the ADHD spectrum, and for children on the autism spectrum, these stories and rhymes make math facts easier.
Best of all, you don't have to look at a screen to enjoy and learn from these cards.





Times Tables Made Fun

A story card deck to introduce math in a fun way to children from 3 years & above!

  • 57 cards to help teach multiplication

  • Perfect for storytime

  • All multiplication facts from 0-12

  • Research-backed design

  • Rhyming hints to help remember answers

  • Entertaining, memorable (very) short stories for each fact

  • Male and female child characters in heroic and leadership roles

  • Rhyming stories & illustrations for 51 multiplication facts

  • Great for storytime

  • Great for young children